Saturday, 18 July 2015

✿ Discovering Maison Caulieres ✿


 Last week, I had the pleasure to be invited to Joyce Beauty, to discover the French cosmetic brand Maison Caulieres. The French inside me got super excited to the idea of great cosmetic coming from my home country. They did not disappoint.
On the spot, I was given a beauty treatment including a body scrub and a oil massage, introducing me to their different products, in the most delicious manner.

Maison Caulieres is actually a family business. The creator's family has been making oil for generations. Having their hands bathed in oil most of the day, they noticed how soft and ageless their hands were. So not only did they continue creating their amazing gastronomic oil, but they started to make oil for cosmetics usage as well. All their products are based on natural oil and they only use local ingredients sourced in Touraine, wether that be cereals, flowers or honey.

The body scrub based on sugar, was actually pretty rough on my sensitive skin. As she applied it, my masseuse told me my skin started to get red. But luckily, the dry oil applied afterwards, nourished it so well that no damages were done. The sugar scrub should definitely be avoided if you have a sensitive skin. They also have another scrub, which is much smoother, and it's cream based.
The dry oil was amazing, it was so nourishing. My skin felt hydrated without being sticky, which is definitely something I appreciated with the humidity we have here in Hong Kong.

The goodie bag offered contained few of their products.
Their line is following the four seasons : Spring, Summer, Automn and Winter. Each are accorded to the need of the skin at the time of the year, as well as using the ingredient available at the time.


 The Body Mist is my life savior these days ! Recently I decided to make it a point to moisturize my whole body every morning. But with the humidity, it was so hard to not feel gross and sticky. The body mist just came at the right time, really. Not only does it moisturize my body, but it absorbs so fast and doesn't leave any greasy residue. It smells amazing (fresh and quite minty) and leaves a fresh sensation on the skin. Love it !


The bath oil is a must have for any pamper night. You simply drop some in your bathtub and enjoy its nourishing benefits. For the unlucky ones (like me), who don't have the luxury of a bathtub, you can still enjoy it. Simply apply it in your shower (that would be the last step after washing) and rinse. 
The rose scent is lovely, and how beautiful is the bottle ! I can't get over the prettiness of these petals, which don't experience gravity.


The hand cream is one of my favorite. It's so moisturizing and have a fresh scent. As a side strory, the creator told me that the French actress Marion Cotillard was so smitten by this cream, that she decided to use it on a regular :)


This is the sugar scrub, which I won't be enjoying anymore, but I am so excited to try it out on my boyfriend and see how much he will like it :)

Maison Caulieres is distributed in Joyce Beauty.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

✿ IPSA : Concealer palette ✿

Excuse the filthiness of the packaging,
 I have been using it for quite some time :)


I'd like to share with you one of my favorite concealer. I have a lot of concealers and almost every morning, I will use IPSA's palette. 
Not only is it very convenient, since it contains all shades I will need (unless I have a big red pimple), but it provides a high coverage and is creamy. It doesn't crease under the eye, and doesn't move all day long, given that you powder it (though, if you use powder foundation first, I don't think a second layer of powder is needed. It will grab on with no problem).

#1 is a dark beige, I don't use it a lot since it's a bit dark for my complexion. But it's good to mix with #2 and #3.

#2 is the lightest shade, perfect for highlighting and covering eye bags.

#3 is slightly pink brightening shade. It's in between #1 and #2 color wise, very good for brightening the eye area (right under the eye) and covering blemishes if you have a pink under tone.

And of course, you have an empty slot to mix and get the shade needed.


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

✿ Maruichi : Moisturizing gel eye mask ✿

 Last month, I worked for the first time for MARUICHI, a make up and cosmetic company. They specialize in eye cosmetics in particular (though they do carry some other products and tools), and offered me a goodie bag with few of their products :D

The one I was most excited about is their best seller, their Moisturizing gel eye mask ! 
This mask is meant to hydrate the eye area, reduce fine lines and reduce dark circles.

 One side of the mask have a plastic film, thanks to this, the gel doesn't dry out and evaporates. On the contrary, this make the gel only hydrate your skin.
The gel texture of the mask is quite adhesive. Not that it's difficult to remove (no no) but I could easily go on with my life and not feel the mask getting slippery or falling off.
On the recommendation of Joyce, I wore each mask for two hours (1hour on one day, I put it back in the packaging and in the fridge and use it again on the day after), and it was still very moist and hydrating ! 
After using them, I feel my eyes were a little puffy. I think it's because it's been so hydrated that it feel plump. 
I couldn't really see a difference yet on the dark circles though, but I will update this post :)

In a nutshell : 
Price : 480 HKD per box
Available Online

PROS : Packaging, easy to use, hydrating, hydrating is long lasting, easy to put back and use later
CONS : Pricey, availability