Wednesday, 3 June 2015

✿ Maruichi : Moisturizing gel eye mask ✿

 Last month, I worked for the first time for MARUICHI, a make up and cosmetic company. They specialize in eye cosmetics in particular (though they do carry some other products and tools), and offered me a goodie bag with few of their products :D

The one I was most excited about is their best seller, their Moisturizing gel eye mask ! 
This mask is meant to hydrate the eye area, reduce fine lines and reduce dark circles.

 One side of the mask have a plastic film, thanks to this, the gel doesn't dry out and evaporates. On the contrary, this make the gel only hydrate your skin.
The gel texture of the mask is quite adhesive. Not that it's difficult to remove (no no) but I could easily go on with my life and not feel the mask getting slippery or falling off.
On the recommendation of Joyce, I wore each mask for two hours (1hour on one day, I put it back in the packaging and in the fridge and use it again on the day after), and it was still very moist and hydrating ! 
After using them, I feel my eyes were a little puffy. I think it's because it's been so hydrated that it feel plump. 
I couldn't really see a difference yet on the dark circles though, but I will update this post :)

In a nutshell : 
Price : 480 HKD per box
Available Online

PROS : Packaging, easy to use, hydrating, hydrating is long lasting, easy to put back and use later
CONS : Pricey, availability

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